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If you’re a fan of Into The Gloss, you’ll be familiar with the Top Shelf format: various beauty & fashion icons interviewed on the subject of what stuff they put on their faces and why.

One of the people I’d really like to see a Top Shelf from is Kate Bush. I don’t know if  there will ever be one, but digging around on the internet one day looking for info on a trademark ‘look’ (if she had one- I wanted to see if  there were any YT tutorials where people transform themselves into her like with Marylin Monroe or Angelina Jolie) I found this:

kate bush top shelf

I reckon this is the closest we’ll ever get a Top Shelf with Saint Kate. It’s close to perfect though- so fitting in it’s not-really-giving-a-fuck about serving face, it all being secondary to what she’s most interested in -her work- and it’s length. So much still uncovered, so many more questions you want to ask, but you’re left just wondering.

boy illu 4


Some boys are beautiful. Some boys are hot or fine, and some are pretty, but some are beautiful. So beautiful that you start to wonder if you can siphon off some of that delicious, delicious allure into your own beauty game. Or I do, anyway; I love taking inspiration for beauty looks from abstract sources, like architecture, or the weather, since there’s so much more freedom of interpretation there compared to a ’ “70s makeup’  Pinboard or whatever. Here are three ways to translate some fine masculinity into your look.

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Leaflet-Screenshot2Although we have now officially launched the website (and yes you can shop the collection online, we thought what better way to buy pieces for your new chic wardrobe than shop our new collection at our pop up. Just think, a summer day in Paradise, set in what The Handbook describes a ‘warren of intimate and larger spaces decorated in eclectic shabby chic style’ (see Tatler review below). Sip on a cocktail, browse the collection, buy it now or pre-order, enjoy 10% discount and dream your day away fashionably. A bientot!

From 1pm – 4:30pm
Paradise By Way of Kensal Green
19 Kilburn Lane, London
W10 4AE

‘Who goes? Fashion central; everyone from supermodels to St Martin’s finest up and comers put their feet up at this pub/restaurant/karaoke bar’

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When you start a new job, you have to change your appearance- taking out piercings, covering up tatts, that kind of thing- Harrods has a top-to-toe uniform for the beauty hall staff, including rules for the colour of your nail polish, lipstick, and hair grips- but even without strictly enforced rules, the places you go every day influence your beauty game. From absorbing unwritten rules of propriety (you’ll never see an undertaker in a glossy red lip) to picking up on your workplaces’ colour scheme, playlists, or even, y’know, the practicalities of your actual work, your job will influence the way you present your face.

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Very often, I get pensive. I suppose it is a typical Gemini trait. In fact, I think i’m continuously in a pensive mood which I take every effort and energy to balance out with a proportionately measured amount of physical action and non sensical activity. So let me tell you…I was thinking how easy it is to live life in thought and do very little about it; i.e. thinking about Read more



You’d think that all you have to do is create the perfect outfit. *laughs*. Oh no, there is always something other than the dress to think about. This time let’s think about eyes; the dressing up of the ‘windows of your soul’. It has never been more glamorous, varied and exciting! The effort one puts into styling their eyes these days is not simply stylish Read more