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To meet her is a refreshing breath of confidence in an otherwise standard and sometimes sub-standard world of confidence. Often, I come across models and women in general who are confident but this fine woman was slightly different…I’m not sure whether it was her darkly beautiful looks or her alluring ambience but there is something about Lucie. That thing is true. She had heard of the community I was building of PATRON SAINTS – women not afraid to dress confidently and expressively and love the MERCI ME look and philosophy Read more


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It’s a point I made years ago and a point i’d continue to make; It is an arduous task, particularly in contemporary society, to constantly look good. What with the pursuit of an independent happiness. But it is a task never to be neglected. Indeed we need to keep up an appearance if simply for the fact that man is judged first on his appearance before he allows his personality to charm – a chance we often don’t get. So on that theorem

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