From November 2014


saturday morning

ME saturday morning

Of course the first thing I did was take a selfie. Drank water. Then had a coffee.

I’m home alone (very rare) so today’s pace is a pretty easy one. I’ve had my water, I have my coffee beside me, I’m writing this post, then i’ll check my emails, send some also (all in bed). If i’m not ready to get out of comfort Read more


It seems that art suffers the enduring pressure to stay fashionably afloat as does the cosmopolitan woman. Introducing instagram Copylab started by Chris Rellas , who has not only made  classic art contemporary but with his clever remixes there also seems to be a duality between mocking and seriously using consumerist culture. Though refreshingly (?) evolved there lies a troubling question; is brand culture dominating our world even in those things previously thought of untouchable and timeless? Whatever the argument, he’s created something quite unique and interesting as is often done when creating a new from the old. From what he has said  (to Stylecaster) “An artist amasses cult followings just like a designer does. Both Create something that either comes and goes in a flash, or sticks around and makes a huge mark on the industry. It just seemed obvious that I should bring the two together!”. What can you say to that? To follow or just to see, check out the instagram.



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