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In the world of books, Dirty Pretty Things is the much anticipated book by Michael Faudet and perhaps your next book? Partciularly if you like poetry, prose, quotes and vivid short stories painted with intricate words on topics of love, loss, relationships and sex. It would seem that Michael Faudet is currently the rage. (read it)


Viktoria Modesta is a multimedia performance artist, bionic girl and DJ who’s sole mission is to promote individualism and futuristic image through art. Featured in ID, IDOL and Wonderland  Magazine, The National Portrait Gallery, not to mention her performances at high profile events she is one to watch.

In fact, she is quite possibly the most refreshing performance artist we’ve seen thus far. A niche indeed, you can’t say you know anyone like her and someone who has fervently proved that disability means nothing in the toil of hard work and talent! Visually, she is stunning and her alternative play on her prosthesis creates compelling visuals both still and motion that will captivate you.



Lorna Luxe x Canterbury Jacket


EXCUSEZ-MOI – but how good is this illustration of Lorna Luxe in our Canterbury Jacket by the talented Ms. Linda Skogsrud? She said she was “inspired by @lornaluxe and the way she poses to enhance the shape of this outfit”. Why what a coincidence, we’d just about said the same thing. x


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So Instead of wishing for a white christmas, I created my own white winter and wore all white everything. In fact this season I am more drawn to white than any other colour. I’m suspiciously drawn to it. Nope, I’m not considering it’s cold outside and the expectation to wear brown, dark greens, blacks and blues for the end of the year. But in fact, white is so clean and defining it’s super hard for me to resist. Particularly in contrast to scenery – you stand out like a star in a dark sky. I think I may have just discovered my suspicious reasoning.

MERCI ME LONDON Winter Whites; The Rose Jacket, Datura Top & Rose Swing mini Skirt
Photography by Yong Ah Goh