Holism, moving poetry, organic and raw; paint, the Velvet Underground, 19-sixties: one word is not exhaustive enough to describe songwriter/painter/artist Amy Odell. From Irish roots to the edgy East London vibe, Seville and film scores to the critical arts and Peter Gabriel, get ready to meet the Pollock-ian, beautiful soul of a modern music mermaid.

1408732243339669-1791-1834Wearing; Limited edition ACENG Collection Sepal top & Short shorts


Wearing; Hyacinth Maxi skirt

How and when did you decide to focus on music?

It all started when I moved to London. I began to naturally meet musicians and I started off by singing on some projects, and just collaborating, hanging out with a lot of interesting people and not worrying about where it was going. I was just in the moment and happy to be creative. I eventually decided to teach myself piano and guitar: I got myself a keyboard and then it went from nowhere, really naturally, and my relationship with expression and sound grew. I come from a very organic background rather than from a technical one.

Tell us about your album.

It will come out by the end of the year! It is a very moody, atmospheric album, and I will be happy when it comes out, as I am already working on my second. At the moment I am also doing a collaboration with an artist from Iceland, and I can say it’s very refreshing, since that some music that I’m doing now is more electro. This second project will be released early next year.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the music business, who would it be? 

This is a really tough one! I love bands like Radiohead, I think they are really interesting; for me they are like modern day composers, their arrangements are incredible. Beside that, I would love to meet Johnny Cash: I would get on well with him really well.


Wearing; Hyacinth Maxi skirt


Wearing; The Foxglove dress

What about people that inspire you. 

I have a lot of people inspiring me for different reasons, for example Frida Kahlo and her life. Musically, my first influence was Kate Bush, and she is still there somewhere, and Peter Gabriel. And now it can really be anything, a poem or a painting, or someone in the street.

My inspirations are based more emotionally, they tap into myself and this is how I can use them. If I don’t feel what I have in front of me it is not going to work.

How would you describe your style?

I love stripes! Point (laughs). Every trip I take I buy stripes. I like 1950s pencil skirts, they work for my figure, and French designer such as Isabel Marant, that kind of boho vibe.

I love Acne boots, I got a lot of them, because they go very well with my style (they are not too high and I can actually walk in them!), but I’m at my happiest when I walk bare feet.

When it comes to accessories, I have a lot of snake rings. I’m also very interested in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece jewellery, and I love Indian craftsmanship, I often wear the Indian bindi; I have few pieces that my grandmother gave me, mystical looking jewellery that I adore. Oh, and I like to wear turbans in the winter!

Make up wise I like to keep things very easy, I am an eye-liner girl: I love the 60s, the French eye-liner thing. And I am a very, very sunglasses person, especially cat-eye sunglasses.


Wearing; Limited Edition ACENG Collection crop top and ACENG Collection Rose Swing mini skirt

If you had to choose between the 20s, 30s or 40s, which decade would you pick?

I would keep the 40s for New York, so I would avoid the war years in Europe. I’d live the 20s in Paris with Henri Miller, Hemingway and all those creative people put together. But I also love the gowns from the 30s, I think they would suit me the best.

How did you meet Mercy? How did this collaboration start? 

It happened through mutual friends at a dinner party, I sat down next to her and we got on very well together straight away. We kept in touch and one day she said “I have been following what you are doing and it would be very lovely if you could be involved”. I absolutely loved it! Plus, the collection is amazing because it is alive, free, has movement and character, and I can see how everyone can act its own caricature. I love the colours and it seems very celebratory, an aspect that I think is so important when it comes to clothes.



Wearing; Limited edition ACENG Collection Sepal top & Short shorts

Do you have a favourite piece? 

I do! Actually, one of my favourite pieces is here, is a ruffle dress. Another one is also ruffled, it’s a skirt and it’s fantastic, it’s so much fun. It reminds me of carnival. It must be because I have a very good relationship with colour, I love to see people expressing themselves the way they want to. Also, this collection and its use of colour relate a lot to nature, especially butterflies and flowers. I think that as humans we respond to colour in a very instinctive way, just because we need it in our life, because it is part of our nature.

How about east London? Have you always been living here?

I moved here few years ago, before I was based in central London. And before that I lived in Seville, Spain, for a while. I love East London because there is a strong sense of community and there is always a lot going on here, its creative openness allows you to move in a more fluid way, and everything is possible. It has a nice supportive feel, and that is very important for me as a creative person.

Do you have a favourite spot in London beside East London?

I love South Bank because there are always so many creative things going on. There is an area that has a lot of second hand book stores, it is called Cecil Court (Leicester Square); I love second hand books and I buy a lot of them in that specific area. I love going around art shops and finding new art shops around town, I could look at art stuff forever, it makes me very happy. I love to spend time by the river, I go for walks sometimes there. Hampstead Heath is very beautiful as well, I love it because Keats is one of my favourite poets and his house is there, and it is beautiful as much as his story.

I like Brick Lane, there are a lot of nice vintage stores. I love “Diverse” in Islington because the girl who runs it, Willow, also works as a buyer and she always has nice pieces and very good sizes. She used to do styling and she is the real expert!

“For me the journey has taken so many turns, with me not even knowing”.


HAIR – Adam Garland - Balmain Har

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  1. I have been following Amy since we met comically at a store in Carnaby street was funny ..”what kind of bag do you require madam.”…
    I adore her creativity and her music is so haunting .. I promote her work endlessly and live in hope her talents are rewarded giving her the chance to express the no doubt talent she has to it’s full potential …. It is a pleasure to say I regard her as an acquaintance .

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