Recently opened in the heart of Soho, Flat Iron is the perfect venue to enjoy a juicy yummy steak. MERCI ME’s Beatrice tells us what she loved most on the menu and why she wouldn’t remove it from her  London “To Go” spots.

Last week I finally got to tick a new place off my “To Go” London list. I arrived, 17 Beak Street, already scared of having to wait some half hours before actually getting a table – as it usually happens in these little, super cosy restaurants with no reservation policy. With the greatest relief, me and my date found ourselves sitting in front of the cutest meat cleaver knife I have ever seen after only 10 minutes. The right mixture of brutal cute to get me excited.

Flat Iron is becoming well known in the Soho food scene as a good steak – convenient price kind of place. The menu offers the “Flat Iron steak”, sides, sauces, and a selection of wines and desserts of the day (try the delicious chocolate and caramel mousse with salt sprinkles on the top, as wisely suggested by J, who kindly served us on the day).

You can definitely feel that suggestive, Soho hipster touch, but we didn’t mind: atmosphere, food and staff are simply delightful. It is a must for the foodie (particularly the one that loves #meat).

*Did you have the chance to experience Flat Iron? Was it on your list of places to try too? Let us know how did you like it!

Beatrice x

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