Take a fresh morning start + a dynamic creative team + a to-die-for/uber-inspirational new spring-summer collection. MERCI ME’S Sarah brings you backstage to the our latest photo shoot, the perfect venue for fashion inspiration, scheduled frenzy, and a good deal of fun. 

9:00 AM:

After one hour journey, and God bless London Overground, I’m in front of Cre8 Studios in Hackney Wick, a creative venue located inside an old bath station. I meet Antonio Putini and Simone Lezzi, the dynamic Rome-Genoa Italian photographer duo, and Grey Pistachio’s JC (all the backstage photos are taken by him); as I chit chat with Alicja, the creative mind behind AS Design Jewellery, we all make our way to the studio, and work begins.

9:40 AM:

Gemma, the first model to shoot, arrives all in a rush declaring she has just woken up. Her grungy style mixed with her sweet personality immediately wins all the hearts in the room. We chat as we wait for the makeup artist and hair stylist to come, and she tells me she has been focusing on modelling in the last year, switching to full time from a part time/teen employment. She is reading JP Sartre “Nausea”, has short curly blonde hair and a septum piercing that she says will drive her mother mad the moment she will see it when coming for the weekend visit.

10 AM:

Kim, the make up artist, and Alan, the hairstylist arrive with two very different stories to tell. Kim got to the studio after a broken down car in the middle of the highway, no pocket money and a saviour husband to pick her up; on the other side, Alan just came from our Queen’s Park studio because of a major misunderstanding of his assistant. We all take a deep breath together, and the styling begins.

11 AM:

Mercy arrives with the collection and make everyone wonder how the hell she fitted all that stuff in only one car. Clothes and accessories are ordered together next to Alicia precious jewellery, and as Antonio and Simone fix the final details for the shooting to begin, I do my part and start to iron the collection before Gemma’s beauty artwork is completed.

12:45 PM:

the shoot begins with good music background and the right amount of frenzy. Hitchcock-ish Gemma (icy blonde and 1960s make up on) ready, JC and Simone work simultaneously capturing our gorgeous model dancing around with the printed, colour blocking structured bold pieces of the collection. A few hours later, someone would have ordered lunch, what to everyone seemed as the most brilliant idea of the century.

5:00 PM:

Change by change, Gemma is almost done with her share of shooting, and we all get to meet and greet Ambra, the one quarter Italian/Philippine/Dane/Greek model that takes over the last few hours of the shoot. After a short and intense glorification of Domino’s ubiquity major skill (and the superpowers given to us by every slice of vegetarian-and-not pizza), we all get back to work.

8:00 PM:

As the shoot is over (the only note worth to be shared regards a pair of uber tight white jeans that took an hilarious hour to be worn by Ambra, and whose leg strings sadly ended up cut off with great joy and hilarity by Bea’s hands), the team starts packing up.

It’s a wrap!

Take two different fashion photo-shoots, and compare them to two distinct pieces of human DNA: they won’t even be the same. Your amount of expertise doesn’t really count, because if the model is a stranger, the collection belongs to a brand new season.  The team of creative minds is simply composed by a bunch of names that up to the previous day were figuring only on a piece of paper with a blurred location map at the bottom of the page, it all, inevitably, changes.

Energy changes, adrenaline evolves, tiredness brings you down and passion and vision bring you up again, and you see that no matter what, it’s always a joy to start a new shoot, meet new visionary artists, give life to your brand collection.

Thank you all of you guys for another amazing experience.

Sarah x

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