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V I E. an artists place

I’d like to tell you about a place…

david shrigley sketch gallery


The Gallery. 239 pieces of art line this dining room. The Maître d’ knows me when I walk in (or he’s so good he makes me feel as he doesn’t see me enough), he never fails to flatter me in his charming french way, a personal touch I’m sure. I’m usually afraid of skin to skin touching but I’m somehow at ease with his. The food is always excellent; excellently served, excellently presented, excellent in taste. The service is its twin as is the ambience. I’m talking of Sketch. Officially my favourite place in all of London. Un petit de francais en londres. This is the place monsieur first checked out my derrière (a thing that solidified his pursuit of Mercy) so there is an emotional attachment, it’s also the place to eat, to dance, with rooms of eclecticism set to a background of good music and interesting people, where you can buy the plate you eat on, fly to the moon when you visit les toilettes and be certain to be amongst the French without fear of rejection.

Always inviting, this isn’t just a place I’m recommending and this post isn’t simply a review or a ‘my fav place you must go to’ in fact, true to the value added you get from just visiting, Sketch is an exhibition that changes it’s decor and art biennially and in this cycle, I have fallen more in love with Sketch; David Shrigley is the name for my reason and India Mah-davi created the setting to which allowed it.

david shrigley sketch gallery artwork


When you enter the magnifique dining room you’ll understand why ‘love’ is the appropriate word. India Mah-davi (architect & designer) has coloured love soft pink and gold and David Shrigley has drawn it. You are compelled to capture your moment here, you have enough material to start engaging conversations and the food, wine along with the soft pink seats will wrap you in content.

For me, love, like, fashion, art, music and all manner of things are organic growing entities informed by connections, experiences and curiosity. Most if not all the time the people, places and things I discover are through a natural inquisition or informed by another thing that is a continuous journey – lucky for me I suppose that these are the things that then become indicators of good taste. Without too much thought, more feeling an openness you must allow it to consume and lead you somewhere – this is what Sketch will do. Firstly it will lead you to David Shrigley and who knows where David Shrigley will take you.

Merci à Sketch because I now own a little art of Shrigley that will greet my guests at the dinner table and I’m certain that these items will make for an interesting conversation that will likely lead me into another discovery!

Amore toujours x



CHAMPAGNEDespite the obvious and of course the unnecessary introduction – because Champagne is always the answer as pictured above – I did not realise these bubbles (the ones after my heart) had more benefits than divinely dancing on the tongue and daintily trickling down my throat. Not that I wish to make alcoholics of you but let’s see what the Champagne Campaign has to offer… Read more



first page

dirty pretty things

back cover

In the world of books, Dirty Pretty Things is the much anticipated book by Michael Faudet and perhaps your next book? Partciularly if you like poetry, prose, quotes and vivid short stories painted with intricate words on topics of love, loss, relationships and sex. It would seem that Michael Faudet is currently the rage. (read it)


Lorna Luxe x Canterbury Jacket


EXCUSEZ-MOI – but how good is this illustration of Lorna Luxe in our Canterbury Jacket by the talented Ms. Linda Skogsrud? She said she was “inspired by @lornaluxe and the way she poses to enhance the shape of this outfit”. Why what a coincidence, we’d just about said the same thing. x


saturday morning

ME saturday morning

Of course the first thing I did was take a selfie. Drank water. Then had a coffee.

I’m home alone (very rare) so today’s pace is a pretty easy one. I’ve had my water, I have my coffee beside me, I’m writing this post, then i’ll check my emails, send some also (all in bed). If i’m not ready to get out of comfort Read more


It seems that art suffers the enduring pressure to stay fashionably afloat as does the cosmopolitan woman. Introducing instagram Copylab started by Chris Rellas , who has not only made  classic art contemporary but with his clever remixes there also seems to be a duality between mocking and seriously using consumerist culture. Though refreshingly (?) evolved there lies a troubling question; is brand culture dominating our world even in those things previously thought of untouchable and timeless? Whatever the argument, he’s created something quite unique and interesting as is often done when creating a new from the old. From what he has said  (to Stylecaster) “An artist amasses cult followings just like a designer does. Both Create something that either comes and goes in a flash, or sticks around and makes a huge mark on the industry. It just seemed obvious that I should bring the two together!”. What can you say to that? To follow or just to see, check out the instagram.



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No one is more engaged in the pursuit of excellence and beauty than MERCI ME’s pattern cutter and embroidery master Ludovica Misso. Thread and needle at hand, the very true Roman at heart has a chat with content team’s Sarah about her Silk Ribbons and their sublime technique, the power of grey scales and what it means to chase after a life dream Read more