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Holism, moving poetry, organic and raw; paint, the Velvet Underground, 19-sixties: one word is not exhaustive enough to describe songwriter/painter/artist Amy Odell. From Irish roots to the edgy East London vibe, Seville and film scores to the critical arts and Peter Gabriel, get ready to meet the Pollock-ian, beautiful soul of a modern music mermaid.

1408732243339669-1791-1834Wearing; Limited edition ACENG Collection Sepal top & Short shorts


Wearing; Hyacinth Maxi skirt

How and when did you decide to focus on music?

It all started when I moved to London. I began to naturally meet musicians and I started off by singing on some projects, and just collaborating, hanging out with a lot of interesting people and not worrying about where it was going. I was just in the moment and happy to be creative. I eventually decided to teach myself Read more


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To meet her is a refreshing breath of confidence in an otherwise standard and sometimes sub-standard world of confidence. Often, I come across models and women in general who are confident but this fine woman was slightly different…I’m not sure whether it was her darkly beautiful looks or her alluring ambience but there is something about Lucie. That thing is true. She had heard of the community I was building of PATRON SAINTS – women not afraid to dress confidently and expressively and love the MERCI ME look and philosophy Read more



If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering who are the Patron Saints? Dear Watson, that is a fantastic question! Let us start first with our belief…We believe fashion should be used artistically to create pictures of the women that wear it and so our collections are created to define, inspire and beautify.  Read more