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La Maison Cointreau and Laetitia Casta announce their creative partnership, starting this year. Cointreau, the definitive orange liqueur, and the French actress, emblematic of Parisian style, join forces as the House of Cointreau appoints Laetitia Casta as Creative Director. Cointreau and Laetitia Casta are crafting a unique creative program that will spawn a wealth of projects, each conveying the essence of the partnership in a way that is both avant-garde and inspiring. Consistently over time, Cointreau has been close to women as they explore their creativity, break free from convention and make their own way in the world. In many ways, Cointreau embodies the free spirit of la Parisienne, the Parisian woman.


Viktoria Modesta is a multimedia performance artist, bionic girl and DJ who’s sole mission is to promote individualism and futuristic image through art. Featured in ID, IDOL and Wonderland  Magazine, The National Portrait Gallery, not to mention her performances at high profile events she is one to watch.

In fact, she is quite possibly the most refreshing performance artist we’ve seen thus far. A niche indeed, you can’t say you know anyone like her and someone who has fervently proved that disability means nothing in the toil of hard work and talent! Visually, she is stunning and her alternative play on her prosthesis creates compelling visuals both still and motion that will captivate you.