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When you start a new job, you have to change your appearance- taking out piercings, covering up tatts, that kind of thing- Harrods has a top-to-toe uniform for the beauty hall staff, including rules for the colour of your nail polish, lipstick, and hair grips- but even without strictly enforced rules, the places you go every day influence your beauty game. From absorbing unwritten rules of propriety (you’ll never see an undertaker in a glossy red lip) to picking up on your workplaces’ colour scheme, playlists, or even, y’know, the practicalities of your actual work, your job will influence the way you present your face.

I’m (hopefully) about to start working for Aesop, an Australian brand with a refined, no-nonsense attitude to packaging & ingredients; embracing botanicals but avoiding chemophobia, blending synthetics with the green stuff for maximum efficacy. It’s a thinking person’s body care line- quotes from Kafka and Carl Sagan are printed on labels, they have a book club for classic literature and make city guides full of museums and galleries to visit. There’s no getting leathered and kicking bins over for this lot. (Which is totally what their competition stand for, right? Neal’s Yard, I’m looking at you.)

Having visited quite a few of their shops prepping for interviews, soaking up the atmosphere and staff attitude as well as checking out the stuff to read online, the vibe I’m picking up translates to a beauty that’s pretty earthy- it’s all those brown bottles, most likely. A face that’s clean and matte, dusted with powder, coloured with dusky pinks and browns. Think Bobbi Brown adverts in the ’90s. That said, I can’t give up my highlighter. I came of age in the Girls Aloud ‘fembot’ era (Mac Face and Body mixed with Strobe Cream down the front of the shin, say whuuuuuut) -so I’m skewing it a bit more dewy and youthful. Since we’re still in the era of Our Lady Cara, we also can’t forget filled in, brushed-up brows rather than some of the blocky pencilled-on jobs of yesteryear.

So here’s my new job moodboard, my gift to you!








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