saturday morning

ME saturday morning

Of course the first thing I did was take a selfie. Drank water. Then had a coffee.

I’m home alone (very rare) so today’s pace is a pretty easy one. I’ve had my water, I have my coffee beside me, I’m writing this post, then i’ll check my emails, send some also (all in bed). If i’m not ready to get out of comfort I’ll do some online reading & looking, and make some phone calls. Perhaps browse some shoes that’ll go on my christmas list (pour monsieur) and new things to crave over. Then I’ll plan the week ahead. The A/W15 Collection will be worked on, i’ll need to get out of bed for that. I’ll throw on something comfortable slip on sock slippers and go about the house, creating and cleaning (as it’s weirdly connected). Hmmm, I haven’t exercised this week so I’ll walk to the nail salon in Whitechapel and walk back (all of 30 mins) but be sure to pick up some mags on the way back. Home again, call my sisters, more collection work, shoot planning, more emails, more online. Afternoon glass of bubbly stuff, some fruits, a bit of strutting and dancing. More collection work, more online. Plan dinner and by that time monsieur will be back. We play like big kids, we’ll eat (either in or out) then we’re off to Roxi’s birthday.


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