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It’s a point I made years ago and a point i’d continue to make; It is an arduous task, particularly in contemporary society, to constantly look good. What with the pursuit of an independent happiness. But it is a task never to be neglected. Indeed we need to keep up an appearance if simply for the fact that man is judged first on his appearance before he allows his personality to charm – a chance we often don’t get. So on that theorem

alone one should always endeavour to present themselves, whichever way they like, to the best of their abilities. I sometimes wished I lived between the 1920s and 50s where a woman would not be caught without a proper face and in proper fashion (whichever fashion it was). Fashion was less a practicality and women dare not think to go without it. It was an irrepressible force. Instead, now we are laced with converses and leggings (*hoodies also) and have become so uninventive and predictable we find an era to cling to and beat it to a pulp so as to keep style alive.

Alas, you nor I would not have a day off if keeping up appearance was common law, but even still I try my darnedest to stay fashionably afloat and well put together whenever in public (even on my most undeserving days). This is just a thought so do not scrutinize me for it. I’m sure someone will completely disagree and berate me for it. So I beg, don’t misunderstand me, the motive is not for sex or attraction but rather to feel good about oneself. To prevent the slipping into a depressed and unbalanced esteem or reflection and using fashion in a curative way. To be a walking piece of art, because the body is beautiful and clothing beautifies it. We have lost that amongst the sea of time and evolution. A most valuable thing we have let slip into the cracks of the Millennium. What great woe! I suppose my view is capped, I’m not everyone nor am I everywhere. I know not everything but I do know this: it is falling, the effort we exert into ourselves! I have found to often that we had rather copy a style than invent one. And too, we are quite alright with looking like someone else.

Take a lesson from Hyacinth Bucket* (*pronounced booo-kay).


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