Very often, I get pensive. I suppose it is a typical Gemini trait. In fact, I think i’m continuously in a pensive mood which I take every effort and energy to balance out with a proportionately measured amount of physical action and non sensical activity. So let me tell you…I was thinking how easy it is to live life in thought and do very little about it; i.e. thinking about doing, dreaming about doing, imagining doing, talking about doing. Even worse, withholding from doing with the little excuses life gives you that somehow culminate into ‘I can’t do it’ – A most certain way to live in theory. My thought then, as it often jumps erratically from one thing to another, went on to ‘self motivation’. Nothing else but this is the anecdote to theory and inaction. To act on thought, to call to action. It isn’t a complex idea or tool, in fact given the right context it’s 1st nature…how easy it is to think ‘I’m doing it’ rather than ‘I’m going to do it’ or do it even without thinking about it? Maybe today is a start day and not just the day before tomorrow. It is your simple inner dialogue, that often you have with others and forget to have with yourself (I know of this all to well). Have a word with yourself and just do it.

Otherwise know that this theory life is comforted by fear, propelled by blindness and more endured by paralysis! Should you think, think about that. I say, ‘let the light in and shine. The dark will offer comfort but will not let you live’ and this could not be more appropriate…very often a life in theory is a shadow life of inaction, you won’t know you’re not living because your thoughts – ‘simply thinking about it’ – blinds you to believe thoughts are enough and that this place though comfortable and liveable is a better option. Of course, you can’t see clearly, you’re in the dark but with some light you see the dull lifelessness of it! Thoughts are important, yes, but if only they are lived. Otherwise they are just thoughts and how sad a thing to think to be alive and not actually live.

The next thing you think, do (it has got me this far).

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