When looking for inspiration, there is one unlimited source: Nature. The various shapes, textures, colors etc. in front of our eyes every day consciously or subconsciously influence our minds when tapping into our creative side. Flowers, in particular, awaken many of our senses, sight, smell, touch and they even have an impact on our moods and emotions. We offer them to one another to convey different feelings and they have always been utilised to create artistic displays.

Naturally, they play a powerful role in the world of Beauty and cosmetics. Ever looked at a flower and it instantly brought a smile on your face? Now imagine the same reaction but this time you are looking into a mirror. Your face can be the blank canvas for your own work of art! Whether in magazines, television or online, we see these amazing makeup applications where the [makeup]-artist has found the perfect color combination, and the question for many is how did they achieve such gorgeous results? What we see is Color Harmony, nature, more specifically flowers are a perfect example of how to use various colors to create a pleasant arrangement.
With the vast array of cosmetics available it can be confusing to select amongst the various shades. Fortunately, many companies have gone through that selection process and offer packaged products according to these designs concepts. But being able to create your own palettes according to your personal preferences in conjunction with these concepts would allow for more versatility.

From that point on, your own creativity opens the door to endless possibilities. Whether by simply incorporating the shades of your favorite flower into your usual makeup routine, or (for the more adventurous and/or for very special occasions) implementing various textures and elements to create a flowery arrangement on your face…​

Christelle Ekindi




Pictures from: www.thegirlwiththelittlecurl.tumblr.com

Beatrice x

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