Here’s an insight on the happenings of our Shop The Collection that took place at the infamous Paradise By Way of Kensal Rise. From gleaming pendants to rich and colourful skirts, you’re definitely in for a fashion-sized treat.

The innovative designer Mercy Ogole displayed her latest collection on the weekend at Paradise. On Saturday 12th July, MERCI ME LONDON hosted a Shop The Collection in the heart of Kensington & Chelsea social scene. The décor provided an old Victorian feeling from the antique bookshelves, historic paintings and vintage Chandeliers.

Old Victorian Painting on the wall of the Paradise showroom
Vintage chandelier hung from the top of the old-styled indented ceiling
Aged library books stacked on the shelves of the showroom

The clothing was selectively showcased on white racks, which represented the brands aesthetic for minimalism. From the crop tops, mini skirts and long draping jackets, the styles brought a sense of simplistic yet directional style. Bright colours, vibrant textures and white fabrics proved the brand had a strong hold on its undiminished elegance.

The pieces showcased at the MERCI ME Pop-Up Shop


Rose Fitted Mini Skirt (£150.00) available at WWW.MERCIME.CO.UK
Vintage décor meets MERCI ME style // Merci Me sweatshirt (£50.00),Rose Swing Mini Skirt (£170.00) available from WWW.MERCIME.CO.UK
Fabulous white high-heeled shoes lined up at the showroom

Fine jewelry and accessories by Alicja Sobczak (http://www.alicjasobczak.com/) were exhibited in the pop-up shop as well. From shimmering earrings and polished necklaces, the collection made by the jewelry designer fused a sophisticated feel to the clothing. Accompanied together with Merci Me garments, the mixture of both jewelry and designer clothing showed a unique attitude towards clean and distinguishable attire.

MMxAS Precious jewelry pieces hand-made by Alicja Sobczak available from WWW.MERCIME.CO.UK
Pretty necklaces and bracelets from MMxAS Collectionhand-made by Alicja Sobczak available from WWW.MERCIME.CO.UK
Bright and bold earring pieces hand-made by Alicja Sobczak available from WWW.MERCIME.CO.UK

The afternoon rolled on smoothly in the showroom with glasses of Prosecco flowing and conversations concerning the styling and design of the MM garments, fashionistas came to visit and check out the sleek and chic clothes that hit the rails. It was lovely to meet our guests and we hope to have another pop-up soon!

Photography credit: Simon Samuel Photography

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