Botanicals. To be fair it is a hard inspiration to avoid especially when you happen apon those vintage prints that your attention cannot deny. For me botanicals is a no idea original so I really wanted to shift the regular perspective and consider flowers & fashion in a different way. For me the the most prominent and irresistible elements of a flower was its volume,  ability to create space and movement and its possibilities of shapes. A Rubick cube of inspiration; many possibilities when shifted in parts. So you may get an idea on how botanicals – roses more specifically – played centre stage in this collection. Unfortunately for you, I’m not yet prepared to exhibit to the world the results of my current obsession but rather just the firing sparks that led me to create it. If you stay tuned there is a promise of the reveal and then you can peruse those creative things dearest to me. But otherwise merely gives these beautiful things your attention even if its for a little while and look wildly at them with new eyes.

Until soon

Mercy x

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