Eclectic, curious and bold, Australian model Anna Nguyen perfectly embodies MERCI ME’s style and philosophy. Our very own Patron Saint, we investigate her Aussie heart, London favourites and wardrobe staples (not to mention her love for the new MERCI ME SPRING/SUMMER 2014 Collection).





Hi Anna! So, tell us something about you.

My full name is Anna Nguyen, I’m 25 and I’m from Australia. I came to London to pursue my modelling career. I have been doing this job for 7 years now. In Australia it’s very different, very commercial; at one point I felt that I needed more, so I take the big jump and moved to London I have a very creative personality and my style is very edgy and eclectic. This is why I came to London, it suits me best than any other European capital.



So, how long have you been in London? How do you find the city?

I’ve been in London for five weeks. I love the city, here culture is so rich: everyday you can go and wander, go to different exhibitions. I constantly get lost in the city, but I also find it’s the best way to understand London and to capture the beauty of it. I still have to visit Battersea, I’m very curious to explore the area. Shopping wise, how do you find the city? Regent Street is really amazing! I love COS, we don’t have one in Australia and Harrods blew me away. The other day I went to the Prada exhibition, it was really great, I learned a lot about products and the history of the brand.


I like the mixture between
masculine and feminine.

How would you describe your personal style?

Ah, this is a tough one! (she laughs) Well, I’d say I’m a mix of everything. I like to dress comfortably but stylish. I have my staples, such as boots, leather jacket, white shirts: I like the mixture between masculine and feminine. It’s very rare to see my girly, but I like strong shapes, I like patterns, (that doesn’t also mean that I don’t love monochrome). One of my musts is black, lately I’ve been obsessed by pockets. In general, I would say that my style is very eclectic, it changes everyday.


Is there a piece in your wardrobe that you would never ever give away?

I am wearing it right now! It’s a bomber jacket made off a mix of canvas and cotton, silk and digital prints. Josh Guns is an Australian designer, and this is the first piece I got from him, I would never let it go. It transcends seasons, it’s always perfect. I always has a great success on Instagram!



How did you discover MERCI ME?

I found out about MERCI ME through a friend’s photographs. I started looking at it and I discovered that Mercy herself, as a designer, is a very eclectic personality and I fell in love with every piece of the collection.

my style is very eclectic

What do you like about the brand?

I think it’s all about a lifestyle: patterns, silhouettes, prints and the colour blocking, they are challenging, they push the boundaries and offer a totally different fashion perspective. MERCI ME screams out loud “this is my personality”: it has a strong identity, it’s for people not scared to be bold. If you look at the collection you see it’s cultural, it’s about art, it’s about discovery, and I am myself about finding out new things and learning and being inspired.


Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

I could walk out with the whole collection to be honest, but if I had to pick one piece it’s be the yellow skirt, because it’s girly and fun; the white shirt would be great mixed with boots for a more masculine look. The collection is great because you can choose to be very dressy and sophisticated but also loose and casual and a bit more masculine.



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Sarah x

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