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To meet her is a refreshing breath of confidence in an otherwise standard and sometimes sub-standard world of confidence. Often, I come across models and women in general who are confident but this fine woman was slightly different…I’m not sure whether it was her darkly beautiful looks or her alluring ambience but there is something about Lucie. That thing is true. She had heard of the community I was building of PATRON SAINTS – women not afraid to dress confidently and expressively and love the MERCI ME look and philosophy – and she so fervently wanted to be a part of it. After speaking with her in what I can only describe as properly, I could see why and know that she was perfect. In this discussion I discovered her world of wealth and so it seemed that while she was a MERCI ME model she has an impressive life bar us. This is why I often never judge a beautiful book by its cover! So without further ado i’d like to introduce to you Lucie, our PATRON SAINT. Here’s what she has to say.



It’s always hard to describe yourself and I tend to ask others to give me that answer, but I would like to think that I am being myself most of the time as that’s the most comfortable place. Move is my freedom and travelling is where I get lost to find myself. I have this strange desire to explore and discover the untouched, that’s part of the reason why I went to Africa recently.



My addiction to clothes started in a very early age by trying on my grannie’s high heels and dreaming of being old enough to wear them. When I reached the primary school age I couldn’t stop ‘making’ clothes for my Barbie dolls. My technique was very unique and indescribable and I am afraid to say that it has remained with me until now. One thing was more than certain, there was no way to stop these images in my head and when my mum introduced me to her friend, who worked as a seamstress, all the ideas were put into reality and all girls at school were demanding to know where I got my clothes from. Ever since, I’ve been curious about fabrics, especially garment technology and dressmaking, which led me to a work experience with Esquel Group. That was the time when I designed my first ever shirt print for M&S.



Beauty is pure and being a woman is a gift.  MERCI ME celebrates the natural look and uses clothes to express individual being as the opposite to other brands. Dress to be yourself and let the clothes to be your second skin. It’s not about the mass; it’s not about the others it’s about you and your vision. MERCI ME collection enables all women to be unique and feel themselves every single day.

Stop-Breathe-Feel…MERCI ME.

I could not have said that better myself. Might I add she was not paid to say it either.


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