If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering who are the Patron Saints? Dear Watson, that is a fantastic question! Let us start first with our belief…We believe fashion should be used artistically to create pictures of the women that wear it and so our collections are created to define, inspire and beautify. MERCI ME LONDON Patron Saints are a group of individuals who share a passion for culture, fashion, arts and music but more importantly reflect true to our brand beliefs and are creative in their dressing up approach (even in the minute details). Should you continue to wonder the bottom line is they love us and we love them and essentially they are also MERCI ME. This is the place to find them; collaborations, spotlights on, inside the life of, style stalking, did you know, one to watch and all the catchy category titles that we can currently think of. Simply put, this is where to find our very own Patron Saints.

Think you could be a Patron Saint? email info@mercime.co.uk and tell us why you’d be perfect!

Petronille x

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