John Lewis sewing machines

You’ll probably want to start an indoor hobby, what with winter coming. Learning to sew is a strong contender. Recently I’ve been asked by a few people what would be the best first sewing machine, my advice was as follows…

“For a beginner you should start with something that is cheap, cheerful and easy to use and as your skill progresses then you exchange it for something more advanced. You can really get into how many stitches and functions a machine has but ultimately you’ll never really use it and to be honest when making clothes or crafts you mainly use a straight stitch and one or two other stitches that all machines have. The one I would recommend is the John Lewis sewing machine it’s £99 and good for beginners and works with medium to lightweight fabrics. There is one that is £49 (that may be better if you want to gauge whether it’s something you will take serious but wouldn’t be too dear a cost if you don’t use it often or at all). I’d also suggest looking into it and reading reviews as it’ll really inform your decision. If you need any more help let me know.”

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  1. If not for Mercy, it takes me a while to look for the right kind of machine. With thanks to her, I brought John Lewis sewing machine at £99 and I am fell in love with it. Already stitched some clothes the more I feel so confident because the machine she suggested is so simple and perfect to take everywhere.

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