Needless to say I LOVE WHAT I DO, lower case would not illustrate the conviction. I am a designer not solely but a lover of it all and a wanderer to possibilities. Of most creativity has been sitting in the large part of my heart since it was something I could understand and identify. I love what I do that I’m mostly in what I do. Especially those things that go on to create on their own, like this dress.

It moves to a life of its own, but in tandem with your walk, mannerism and your subtle signatures of posing and standing and talking. It picks your small movements and ever so gently amplifies them with an easy beauty, it plays with the wind while you walk and the wind without you. It touches you lightly so you feel you may not be wearing anything at all. This isn’t an advert, for me it’s the truth and no manner of picture or even video can represent it, you simply just have to see it and wear it for yourself.

wearing MERCI ME LONDON Foxglove Dress in Corsica

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