If you’re a fan of Into The Gloss, you’ll be familiar with the Top Shelf format: various beauty & fashion icons interviewed on the subject of what stuff they put on their faces and why.

One of the people I’d really like to see a Top Shelf from is Kate Bush. I don’t know if  there will ever be one, but digging around on the internet one day looking for info on a trademark ‘look’ (if she had one- I wanted to see if  there were any YT tutorials where people transform themselves into her like with Marylin Monroe or Angelina Jolie) I found this:

kate bush top shelf

I reckon this is the closest we’ll ever get a Top Shelf with Saint Kate. It’s close to perfect though- so fitting in it’s not-really-giving-a-fuck about serving face, it all being secondary to what she’s most interested in -her work- and it’s length. So much still uncovered, so many more questions you want to ask, but you’re left just wondering.

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