In preparation and celebration of the sun coming out I’ve taken to dying my hair grey (a stylish interpretation of this fashionable stress) and I’ve been parading around town in brown (and beige and white). Perfect, because my MERCI ME LONDON wardrobe is prime provider of this look! I’m finding that the Calla coat with all its admirers is becoming a staple piece that I’m sure will be worn even when the season has completely turned. It’s meant to be a transitional piece; spring to summer and summer to Autumn but I’ll probably be wearing this coat pre, during and post season. I’ll even coin it the summer coat. It now exists, it isn’t a myth, no, in this season – temperamental London it’s fact and necessity!





merci jan15 3709

CURRENTLY WEARING; (in order) Structured white Tee, Brown Calla Coat, White Hyacinth maxi skirt, Calla coat Coat.

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